All programming text books, courses, and general approach to learning a new language never start with testing, let alone Test Driven Development.

Occasionally you may find a book with a chapter on creating a unit test in the specific language and possibly even an introduction to a specific testing technology or library.

During my first programming role, I was deleting tests because they were failing and I didn’t know how to fix them. I was still hacking together code, rather than programming. I was clueless.

This article describes my journey from my first test to being able to leverage TDD…

This article demonstrates how you can set up Spring Boot 2 with Swagger behind a reverse-proxy locally using NGINX and Docker.

In our use case, we needed to test X-Forwarded-* headers with a Spring Boot service to emulate how an authorization server would deal with forwarding requests.

In this example, the reverse proxy will have a route published on the public side (defaulting to port 80 for http traffic, 433 for https). The reverse-proxy links the public URL (i.e. to a service on the internal DNS, and forwards the request — setting the required X-Forwarded-* headers in the process.

Brett Fisher

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